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Aegean Airlines, Hellenic Petroleum offer to fly medical supplies from China free of charge

Aegean Airlines and Hellenic Petroleum have offered the free use of aircraft and fuel, respectively, to bring medical supplies from China to Greece to fight the coronavirus epidemic, they said on Friday.
In a joint statement, the companies added to previous donations by offering 10 flights to China or the Far East, wherever medical supplies, emergency material or equipment may be produced.

Aegean said offered its aircraft, crew and all the flight expenses while Hellenic Petroleum will cover all fuel costs.
The flights will be coordinated by the Civil Protection Ministry, but the offer is extended also to any transport needs of regions, welfare institutes or other agencies that have donated supplies to the Greek state.
Aegean said it has already changed the interior of two Airbus A320/321 craft in its fleet in order to be able to carry larger cargoes of medicine, supplies or other first aid medical material.
On its part, Hellenic Petroleum and its EKO subsidiary will keep all their facilities at all Greek airports open in order to be able to supply the airplanes with fuel.
Additionally, the two companies also offered to underwrite any repatriation flights requested by the Civil Protection and the Foreign Ministries.