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Enterprise Greece launches series of actions to support export companies

Enterprise Greece, the country's export-promotion agency, launched a series of actions and tools to brief and support businesses on issues concerning external trade and the support of ongoing investments in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

New promotion tools include flipbook, FDI testimonials, free webinars and others, part of the organization's efforts to upgrade or replace some traditional ways of promoting products and services with digital ones.
In an announcement on Wednesday, Enterprise Greece said it is collaborating with all related government agencies to ensure that Greek businesses are kept up to date on issues that concern them as well as on developments in the countries they export to or collaborate with.
In this context, it continues to focus on the following initiatives to address repercussions of the pandemic:
- Communication management of the repercussions of the pandemic on Greek exports
- Support of companies affected by the pandemic
- Cooperation with all government entities for more effective support of the enterprises in issues accruing from the pandemic
- Collaboration with the similar European organisations for further research and recording of ways to address the crisis created by the pandemic.
It has also initiated a "Support Greek Exports" campaign on social media to help promote products and services hurt most by the pandemic's fallout.
The information it provides on the export markets is provided in collaboration with the Greek Foreign Ministry and the overseas bureaus of Economic and Commercial Affairs.
Details and information are available on