Saturday, June 15 2024

Kikilias meets with seven European ambassadors

Kikilias meets with seven European ambassadors

Greece’s strong tourism ties with Scandinavian countries was the focus of a meeting held between Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias and seven ambassadors at the residence of Swedish Ambassador to Greece Johan Borgstam .

The meeting was an initiative of the Swedish ambassador, and included the ambassadors of Finland, Jari Gustafsson, Norway, Frode Overland Andersen, and Denmark, Klavs Holm.

Also attending were the ambassadors of Slovakia, Iveta Hricova, Ireland, Iseult Fitzgerald, and Spain, Carles Casajuana.

As noted by both Kikilias and Borgstam, promoting Greek tourism creates new jobs in both countries, a fact that the Swedish ambassador said further enhances Sweden’s interest in the Greek tourism market.