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δικηγορική εταιρεία ΑΝΝΑ ΚΟΡΑΚΗ ΣΥΝΕΡΓΑΤΕΣ
Considering its unique geographic location and the rare beauty of its islands and continental landscape, Greece continues to be a pole of attraction and an ideal investment destination both for the Greek Diaspora and third-country nationals, despite the constant changes and the feeling of increasing uncertainty in the Old Continent.
The real estate market, now one of the most significant areas of investment in Greece, is steadily showing an upward trend. Specific policies and plans to buy property on favourable terms, less taxes and paperwork and the digitisation of government services have contributed to this fact.
Even in the midst of a financial crisis, we have to admit that the Greek Diaspora, truly believing that Greece will be able to recover, in many instances has invested their own money, thus helping to create new development prospects in the economy and tourist industry.
Despite of a new investment, the development of the existing patrimonial property in their nostalgic wish to return to their motherland, is in our days also a big challenge and a high stake for the Greek living abroad. In many cases, properties that belong to the Greek Diaspora remain closed, undeveloped and left to moulder away due to many different reasons, such as inheritance disputes, lack of knowledge of the property’s exact location, trespassing by adjoining landowners etc.
Due to their long experience in the area of Real Estate, ANNA A. KORAKI & ASSOCIATES law firm can provide an entire spectrum of services concerning Real Estate Management and Development. They have hands-on knowledge of how to handle transactions with the Greek State, all by remaining true and devoted to the value of customizing their services to serve the specific needs of each case they work on.
δικηγορική εταιρεία ΑΝΝΑ ΚΟΡΑΚΗ ΣΥΝΕΡΓΑΤΕΣ1
For more than two decades, they offer the following services, among others:
- Real Estate Management (sale, purchase, leasing and renovation of properties);
- Tax Representation (Tax Numbers, key numbers, filing statements or corrections
thereto, changing tax residence, settlements, payment of taxes etc.);
- Management of inheritance issues (Publication of Will – Issuance of Certificates -
Acceptance and Waiver of inheritance);
- Search and claim real estate property anywhere in Greece;
- Actions in the context of the National Cadastre: Real Estate Declaration –
Applications, Objections, Corrections regarding unknown ownerσ – Corrections of
obvious mistakes – Objections to forestry maps etc.;
- Prepare and handle all types of Powers of Attorney for legal actions;
- Official translation of foreign documents, attaching an Apostille thereto where
- Co-operation with Banks or funds in the process of securing loans and checking their
terms and conditions;
- Issuance of Golden Visas.
At ANNA A. KORAKI & ASSOCIATES law firm, they offer their clients comprehensive legal and consultancy services in the Greek Territory, thanks to their wide Network of experienced Associates throughout Greece, which consists of Lawyers, Notaries, Economists, Translators, Financial Analysts, Investment Consultants, Engineers, Realtors, Accountants, Architects, Construction Companies – Work Contractors and Accredited Property Valuators.
ANNA A. KORAKI & ASSOCIATES law firm can represent any member of the Greek Diaspora or foreign investor, making sure that the procedures to sell, buy, rent or develop in general properties in Greece are completed properly and swiftly.