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Relief for Greeks with social security debts

Relief for Greeks with social security debts

Nearly 100,000 individuals in arrears of their payments to EFKA, the national social security agency, will be provided with a more favorable repayment schedule, the Employment Ministry says.

They will be able to settle their debts in 24 installments, instead of the current 12. But there are another 90,000 debtors who have fallen so far behind on their payments that they are no longer eligible for an extension of their installments.

Ministry officials said that some of them could still be able to take advantage of the new terms. Many of the debtors, because of their situation, cannot apply for a pension, even though they are eligible.

For them, the ministry is ready to write off debts over 10 years old, currently estimated at 250 million euros. Provided their total debt, after write-offs, does not exceed €20,000 for the self-employed and €6,000 for farmers, they will be able to apply for pensions.