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Solution for Elefsis shipyards a top government priority

If the government fails to find a solution to the Elefsis shipyards, they will have to shut down by quarter's end, Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Friday, speaking to state television channel ERT1."Finding a solution for Elefsis shipyards is a top government priority.

If we fail to find a solution, the shipyards will close down by the end of March," Georgiadis said. "We have chosen, as a government, to move on with ONEX - the company that reopened the shipyards in Syros. We are in advanced talks, there is a business plan and visible time table capable of dragging the shipyard out of its current stalemate. We have big international support for this endeavor. We must not miss this opportunity; Greece must move forward," he added.
The Greek minister later presented the timetable for the restructuring of Elefsis shipyards and progress in talks between current owner Nikos Tavoularis and the preferred investor ONEX owned by Panos Xenokostas, to the workers’ unions in Elefsis shipyards.
In comments made after the meeting, Georgiadis said, "If all goes well and an agreement between Mr Tavoularis and Mr Xenokostas is reached, we will proceed with the next phase - based on the restructuring model of Neorion shipyards - an interim operation and the transfer of the shipyard to ONEX. Payment of all wages and safeguarding job positions will be a priority."