Sunday, June 16 2024

TEN breaks records on the same day as Dow Jones!

Tsakos FOX
The Greek shipping company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Tsakos Energy Navigation (TEN) broke the $30 barrier at the close of the stock exchange on Friday, May 17, and closed at $30.17, setting a record for its stock.

Eva Metis Koutoumanou

At the same time, on the same day, the Dow Jones also set a record as it closed marginally above 40,000 points.

On Wall Street, analysts reportedly commented that "Tsakos turned out to be a goose for the NYSE."

Dr. Nikolaos Tsakos, founder and CEO of TEN spoke to Fox Business Netwok and Laurent Simonetti about the course of TEN stock, which achieves one record after another, but also about the future plans of the company as well as the significant investments they have made in new ships.

"We were one of the first energy transmission companies to adapt to the new conditions and requirements," said Dr. Nikolaos Tsakos.

"Now the structural change results from the new regulations for the gradual decarbonisation of shipping. TEN aims for its fleet to be green by 2030. Already in 2024 we received six eco friendly ships and in May we will receive another one, the 7th. And we continue," the Greek shipowner said.

We remind you that TEN has already invested one billion dollars in shipbuilding and purchases of new ships and within the next two years it will invest another billion in this direction.