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Tesla arrives in Greece – Offers financing programs to customers

With Tesla opening in Greece, the company is already providing prospecting customers financing packages for its models, besides interested clients buying cars in cash.

According to the company’s site, the financing provided by Eurobank presupposes an advance starting from 0%, an interest rate of 4.9% (quite low) and the possibility of repayment up to 72 months (6 years).

The amount of the installment depends on the deposit, however note that in case of purchase of the original Tesla Model 3 (price: 45,990 euros) with 0% deposit, the lowest installment that can be offered is 769 euros / month for 72 months.

Below you can see indicative payment examples for the three Tesla models. Note that from August 7, Model 3 will have a price reduction based on the state subsidy.

Indicative payment examples:

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus: 45,990 euros *, deposit: 10,400 euros, monthly installment for 48 months: 852 euros / month

Tesla Model S Long Range: 83,990 euros, deposit: 10,400 euros, monthly installment: 1,736 euros / month

Tesla Model X Long Range: 89,990 euros, deposit: 10,400 euros, monthly installment for 48 months: 1,875 euros / month