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Huge whale spotted off Mani, Peloponnese in rare sighting

A whale was spotted off the coast of the town of Gerolimenas in Mani, Peloponnese on Friday.

The rare sighting of what was reportedly a sperm whale was pictured by passengers on board a yacht, just a few nautical miles south of the picturesque town.

According to the passengers who spoke to, the whale had a length of up to 18 meters (60 feet). The mammal stayed around the yacht for a while, diving and doing spectacular maneuvers.


First observed in the classical era, a population of sperm whales persists to this day in the deep waters of the Mediterranean Sea, scientists say.

Genetic and observational evidence support the notion that this is an isolated population, separated from its Atlantic neighbours.

These whales depend on mesopelagic squid for food, and appear to occupy a very similar ecological niche to sperm whales in the open oceans.

Recent evidence proving that individuals can pass between the eastern and western deep water basins confirms that this is a single population, not isolated into western and eastern stocks.