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Intense weather phenomena 40 pct up in 2019

Τhe number of intense weather phenomena was approximately 40 pct up in comparison with average of the period 2000-2019, according to the data base of the intense weather phenomena of the National Observatory of Athens' meteo service.

In their analysis, the researchers Costas Lagouvardos and Katerina Papayiannakis said that 2019 was a year with very intense phenomena, which provoked an unusually high number of victims and major disasters.
- Of the 33 incidents of intense weather phenomena, 15 had major social and economic repercussions.
- The areas mostly affected were Attica (14 times), the islands of the Dodecanese (8), Chania on Crete (7) and Chalkidiki (6).
- 32 people died due to strong winds, nine from flooding and eight from low temperatures.
- Four of the victims were struck by lightning, which is the highest number of victims hit by lightning in a year since 2001 when records of the specific fatalities started.
- The main weather phenomena observed during these 33 incidents included heavy rain and flooding (65 pct), snowfall (12 pct) and whirlwinds and windstorms (10 pct).
Finally, most of the above took incidents place in autumn and in winter, especially in January and in November.