Saturday, May 28 2022
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Sharp drop in temperatures, snow and gusty winds expected from early Wednesday

The weather will deteriorate rapidly from late Tuesday, according to a special weather report issued by the National Meteorological Service on Tuesday.
Snowfall is expected from early Wednesday in the mountainous and semi mountainous areas of northern Greece and in the mountainous areas of Thessaly and Central Greece. The snow will gradually spread to all higher-altitude areas of Central Greece as well as low-lying areas of northern Greece.

On Thursday, snow will continue to fall in the same areas and even in the plains of Thessaly and may extend to low-altitude regions of the eastern mainland and Evia on Thursday afternoon, where it may be intense.
Very strong winds will blow on Wednesday, initially from a west-southwesterly direction, gradually turning to north-northwesterly directions and reaching up to 8 on the Beaufort scale, climbing to 9 Beaufort in the Ionian Sea.
On Thursday, northern winds up to 7-8 Beaufort will prevail throughout Greece.
Heavy rain and storms are forecast on Wednesday, which in some cases will be accompanied by hailstorms, in the Ionian Sea, the region of Epirus and western Greece and gradually the Peloponnese, the northern and eastern Aegean islands and the Dodecanese and late on Wednesday the islands of Cyclades and Crete.
Frost is expected in all of mainland Greece, mostly in the morning and in the evening on Thursday.