The two men saved the dolphin.

A few hours earlier, and at the same beach, another young dolphin was found dead.

A second dolphin was struggling on the shore.

The two men helped it find its way back to the sea. However, the sea currents swept the small mammal away again to the beach.

Strong southerly winds made the rescue even more difficult.

The locals informed the president of the hunting association of Eleftheroupolis, the coast guard and the animal welfare society of the situation on Ofrinio beach.

In the end, they decided to bring the dolphin to the calm waters and give it a chance to rest.

They loaded on a truck and drove it to the local port and released it.

It eventually was released in calm waters in the harbour to allow it to recover. All parties involved watched to make sure the dlphine made it safely to the open sea.

A great effort by all the locals involved a great story.

Thanks to Myrsini Chrysafoudi for the videos.