Tuesday, July 16 2024


The moon along with Jupiter and Venus will be aligned in a position that will create a smiley face in the skies. This phenomenon is a rare appearance called conjunction. The rarity of the phenomenon makes you want to not miss it. Last time the moon and the two planets aligned in such a form were in December 2008 which is 12 years ago. After so many years passed, it’s finally going to happen again on May 16th, so keep watch for it.

Wild animals are taking over cities during the coronavirus pandemic

Wild boars promenade the luxurious avenues of Barcelona, and peacocks calmly stroll through the centre of Madrid.

Animals otherwise found only in rural areas appear to be attracted to cities in Spain as humans remain inside as part of a strict lockdown.

It's a phenomenon that is being replicated across the globe: As urban residents are forced to stay indoors, animals seem eager to recapture the space vacated by humans: More and more videos are circulating online of wild animals exploring usually bustling human environments.

In Spain, experts are drawing a clear link with the virus crisis, which has emptied streets since a lockdown came into place March 15.

Since then, without humans around, the environment is both cleaner and quieter, something that is a "balm to the animal world," says Roberto Hartasanchez, from the Spanish conservation NGO fapas.

Even wolves have returned: There have been several reported sightings in residential areas, An​gel San​chez, an animal welfarist lobbying for the protection of the Iberian wolf, told the newspaper El Pais.

"We expect the wolves to reproduce more successfully now because they are less likely to be disturbed," Sanchez told the Spanish outlet.

In Almeria, in the southern region of Andalusia, Emilio Gonzalez of the environmental protection organization Serbal is also hoping the new situation will help threatened species such as the hawk eagle or European wildcat to reproduce better.

"In the countryside, we are currently seeing more couples among birds of prey, martens, and among predators and herbivores in general," says Ernesto Alvarez, president of Spanish conservation group Grefa.

"Everything has disappeared," says Alvarez, noting the change since the onset of the coronavirus crisis. "The many hikers and cyclists, the training athletes - suddenly they are no longer there."

In the area around Madrid, for example, there are "five or six pairs of hawk eagles that now have much better prospects," Alvarez says.

Gerardo Baguena, head of the Spanish foundation for the preservation of the bearded vulture, has a similar view: "There are currently no mountaineers, no paragliders, no helicopters, nothing," he says.

Temperature to reach 30C degrees in early May

The temperature is expected to climb even higher in the coming days, reaching 27-29 degrees Celsius in some places, while the first days of May will see maximum temperatures as high as 30C, according to the available data of the National Observatory of Athens weather service, meteo.

Intense weather phenomena 40 pct up in 2019

Τhe number of intense weather phenomena was approximately 40 pct up in comparison with average of the period 2000-2019, according to the data base of the intense weather phenomena of the National Observatory of Athens' meteo service.