Sunday, June 16 2024


Sharp drop in temperatures, snow and gusty winds expected from early Wednesday

The weather will deteriorate rapidly from late Tuesday, according to a special weather report issued by the National Meteorological Service on Tuesday.
Snowfall is expected from early Wednesday in the mountainous and semi mountainous areas of northern Greece and in the mountainous areas of Thessaly and Central Greece. The snow will gradually spread to all higher-altitude areas of Central Greece as well as low-lying areas of northern Greece.

Traps set as part of study to control invasive mink population in Prespes and Kastoria Lakes

Hundreds of traps on floating platforms are to be placed in two protected areas, in the Prespes Lakes and the Lake of Kastoria, as well as the banks of the Aliakmonas River, to catch wild minks that have escaped into the environment. Minks are an alien species for the region and have caused huge damage to the environment after large numbers were released into the wild, with substantial repercussions for bird life.

Plastic swallowed by 70 pct of sea turtles examined at Archelon

More than 70 pct of the sea turtles that died at the "Archelon" sea turtle protection centre in Glyfada had swallowed pieces of plastic, based on an analysis of their stomach contents conducted by the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research. The research team counted more than 250 pieces of plastic in 36 individuals, most of them young, making an average of 11 pieces of plastic per turtle.

Inside a climate-controlled house at the Australian National University in Canberra there are several purpose-built koala pens.

The scientists working there call it a "5-star Koala Hotel," as the cuddly marsupials do not have to forage for their favourite food - eucalyptus leaves - or water and are offered warm blankets to sleep on.